Congested Energies

130 x 130 cm
Acrylic, Enamel, Ink and Spray Paint on Panel

This, is a story based on energies surrounding us on daily bases.

Why? Because I believe that energies can be a factor that affects your day.

Here, you see overlapping layers in an unruled sequence. Abstraction in a contemporary form. Each material acts as a layer of energy that disrupts and emerges gradually as a whole.

Distraction is imminent but through continuous observation, focus strives for the centre of the image. Every layer has a purpose. Active or subtle, it creates a method of processing and understanding the concept of different variables affecting each other.

The energies that flow around us, act as a barrier and imitator of our desires and responsibilities. They are there, we have to see and comprehend or simply act upon them, but in the end, we have a choice. Each choice interacts with the other.

Congested Energies act as a visual description on feelings. The dominance between desire and obligation.

To differentiate them you need to pay attention to detail from start to finish and try to identify the sequence. A sequence creates prioritisation and therefore, the understanding of importance to you and yourself.

Published by Amilnepls

An art student in Reading Uk. A wild woman in love with style, aestheticism, culture, nature, ​and connectivity. Intrigued by exploration and experimentation, full of weirdness and strategy. Contradicting but implicit through the circle of nature and life.

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